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Frequently Asked Questions


Please provide terms and conditions

Terms & Conditions are available on Hire Company websites.


For cases prior to 2014, they can be supplied on request. There is an administration

charge for this service.


Please provide details of additional extras

Charges for additional extras are available on Hire Company websites, some of which are included on BHR Online.


Additional extras are covered on the provision of a full report.

Please provide details of deposits


We do not get involved with the business processes of Hire Companies.

How were the rates obtained?


The rates are from published internet sites. The rates are as published by the vehicle

providers and are obtained on a weekly basis.


Please provide a full report

Where necessary, these can be supplied by WhichRate (UK) at the agreed rates and

include all supporting exhibits to validate the rates previously supplied via BHR Online.


Please confirm availability of the hire vehicles on the day hire started

Rates provided are those published at, or close to, the time of the original hire.

Where a vehicle is unavailable, ‘sold out’ or ‘not available at this location’ is shown on the

Hire Company website and no rate is given.

Full reports supplied by WhichRate (UK) include all supporting exhibits to validate rates

provided by BHR Online.